Business Analysis
Our Consultants have years of experience in preparing viable specifications for the construction of tailor-made solutions for IT and Business Software Systems. We methodically investigate, analyse and document all or part of your business in terms of your business functions and processes, making certain that they fully understand all your issues and objectives.

In some instances, where deemed necessary we may recommend reconstructing some or many business processes or procedures in order to achieve radical improvements in organisational and employment effectiveness. As a result, your IT/Business Software solution will comprehensively reflect your business needs.

Analysis of Current Business and Technology Environment - we start each project off right with sales-to-service transition, project organisation, and assessment of technical environment readiness... To build a firm foundation for project success.
Strategic Advice on Future Directions - we provide guidance on business and technology strategy based on years of industry- and sector-specific experience... To streamline business processes and ensure technology is aligned with business objectives, now and as your business evolves.
Project Planning - we establish the scope, timeframe, phases, budget, and required internal and external personnel, and set expectations and responsibilities... To reduce risk and ensure fast, measurable ROI and tangible benefits at every stage of the project.

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