Client Testimonials
Team Consultants Ltd has built up a steady portfolio of clients who retain our services on a regular basis. Team Consultants provides IT Services & Business Applications to customers within many sectors including Financial Services, Public Sector, Retail & Leisure, Telecommunications and Engineering.

Client Success Stories

Airbus Finance Company Ltd
Team Consultants provide an application, which exports multiple files from Sun, eliminates the inter-company transactions and outputs one file for import into their consolidation database. Airbus Financial Services main business requirements are extensive multi-company analysis and the ability to import/export data between systems. Vision is used extensively for many tasks including management reports and data extraction. "The application provided by Team Consultants has increased the efficiency of our consolidation process and has contributed to our ability to meet increasingly tighter group reporting deadlines" Beryl Dunne, IT Manager, Airbus.

Shannon Development
Shannon Development have streamlined their sundry sales invoicing by implementing a bespoke solution from Team Consultants. Originally, sales data came from a range of in house and remote sites and manually entered into SunBusiness line by line, in order to produce invoices. This method was time consuming. Teamís solution involved the creation of Excel templates, which utilise SunSystems Vision and Excel VBA. These templates were installed in the various sites, the users entered the data as normal, and the template automatically converted this data into the required SunBusiness format, without any interaction by the user. The resulting file was then automatically imported into SunBusiness and invoices produced.

Ger McDonagh, Income & Credit Control Manager, Shannon Development says, "The bespoke solution has enabled us to streamline the processing of variable service charges from our InnovationWorks locations throughout the region."

City of Dublin VEC
City of Dublin VEC is a client with whom we work with on a number of levels, as their expert MS SQL & Oracle Database Administrators and also as IT Consultants. They are completely satisfied with our services and wouldn't hesitate in recommending us to other clients.