We offer a wide range of consulting services to clients on all our products, including SunSystems, CODA-Dream and Vision, effectively ensuring their implementation meets the business requirements from day one and on into the future.

Business Analysis
Our Consultants have years of experience in preparing viable specifications for the construction of tailor-made solutions for IT and Business Software Systems. We investigate, analyse and document all or part of your business in terms of your business functions and processes, making certain that they fully understand all your issues and objectives.

To get the most out of your software, Team Consultants application consultancy service offers design and configuration advice as well as counselling on your application software. Getting the most out of your software requires an in depth knowledge of the application and, in some cases, many man years of implementation experience. By exploring and thoroughly investigating the processes that underpin your business, our consultants will be able to mould and shape the software to meet your business needs.

For more information please contact info@teamconsultants.ie