Project Management
In any project involving a significant level of organisational change, it is imperative that the risk involved in such change be managed, minimised and addressed at the appropriate level within the Organisation.

At Team Consultants we have developed a unique and participative project management approach which we feel best serves your needs and incorporates:
  • A joint client/Team Consultants project team.
  • The common agreement of KPI’s (key performance indicators) at the outset of the project.
  • The clear agreement of the scope of the project at the outset and throughout its evolution.
  • A tight project management structure and a very "hands on" project manager.
  • Defined project roles and responsibilities.
  • Company/division communication programme - as we feel that "buy in" is vital to the success of any significant project.

At Team Consultants, we believe that good project management is a fundamental to the success of any project as the new system itself.

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