Working with some of the worlds leading financial accounting and management software houses gives us the resources necessary to implement and support a range of innovative business software solutions to address your most complex business needs.

Team Consultants - Business Software Solutions Provider

In addition to our extensive product portfolio, we offer a broad spectrum of consultancy services designed to ensure that you get the best from your technology investment.

Client Management
Team Consultants Client Management services are designed to go hand in hand with our project management. It is a highly professional complimentary service that aims to assist you in achieving the maximum business benefit from your technology investment.

Our consultants have considerable experience of doing business in the Irish & international IT and Business Software industry, and have acquired a wealth of experience that spans the whole range of technology, applications, problems and solutions. We offer a wide range of consulting services to clients on all our products, effectively ensuring their implementation meets the business requirements from day one and on into the future.

Training & Support
Getting the most out of your software requires on drawing upon an in depth knowledge of the application either through training or support functions. We at Team Consultants believe in sharing this knowledge with you in either via our support desk or where more in-depth knowledge exchange is necessary through our Training function.

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